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  • Alfa Laval - Fusion-bonded plate heat exchangers

    Alfa Lavals patented AlfaFusion bonding technology creates highly efficient, compact heat exchangers made entirely of stainless steel. Virtually maintenance free and capable of handling extremely high pressures and temperatures, they are an ideal heat transfer ...

  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Stainless Steel Kelvion

    Brazed stainless steel plate heat exchanger models 550 and 770 of the GVH series combine the properties of the ConBraze® corrugation with high corrosion resistance. They represent a cost-effective and compact alternative to shell & tube heat exchangers

  • Curlie - Business: Industrial Goods and Services:

    Business Industrial Goods and Services Machinery and Tools Thermal Process Heat Exchangers 75 In somewhat oversimplified terms, the intention of this equipment is to transfer heat from one surface, component, machine, or source to another, for the purpose of heating or cooling either one of them.

  • Heat Exchangers > Plate heat exchanger Vikat Ekinox

    Heat Exchangers Exchanger Distillation column Welded plates heat exchanger Plate heat exchanger Tubular heat exchanger Filters Filtrating tank/ hopper Filter Miscellaneous Cartridge filter ...

  • Industrial Plate Heat Exchanger - Process Power

    The design of plate heat exchangers usually uses stainless steel for the metal plates because of its strength and high temperature resistance. Rubber gaskets are used to cement the plates into place. The large surface area of the plates allows for a quick transfer, and because each chamber is made thin, the majority of the liquid contacts the actual plate, making the process even quicker.

  • Plate heat exchanger - Wikipedia

    The plates used in a plate and frame heat exchanger are obtained by one piece pressing of metal plates. Stainless steel is a commonly used metal for the plates because of its ability to withstand high temperatures, its strength, and its corrosion resistance.

  • Heat Exchangers , Hydronic Heat Exchangers , Flat Plate

    GEA Flat Plates FP series of Heat Exchangers is designed for hydronic heating, snowmelt (glycol), potable hot water, various industrial processes and other uses where an efficient, reliable and compact fluid-fluid heat exchanger is required. These heat exchangers are 100% factory tested, are made of stainless steel, and have heavy duty male pipe thread connections, and mounting studs come ...

  • Plate Coil Heat Exchangers for Immersion Heating and

    Plate Coil Heat Exchangers by Alfa Laval Alfa Laval has added to the comprehensive line of heat transfer equipment by now providing plate coil heat exchangers for maintaining or heating/cooling of fluids in tanks.Both hydraulically inflated and die formed type of coils

  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers, For Industrial ID:

    Brazed Plate Heat exchanger comprises of a number of moulded stainless steel plates, vacuum-brazed with copper or nickel. Efficient heat transfer with an extremely compact solution, makes them ideal for demanding installations where space is at a premium.

  • THERMOFIN - Industrial heat exchanger manufacturer -

    Thermofin has an extensive stock of gaskets, stainless steel plates and titanium plates for every gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers model, allowing us to design, build and ship a unit in as low as 24 hours. Need a fast delivery? Call us!

  • Industrial Heat Transfer

    Industrial Heat Exchangers Air & Water Cooled Heat Exchangers: Sales, Service & Replacement Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers: Various Sizes Stainless Steel Options Custom Configurations Air Cooled Heat Exchangers: Various Sizes Plate and Frame Heat ...

  • stainless steel plate heat exchanger,SS High Pressure

    SS High Pressure Heat Exchangers used quality Stainles Steel that Stainless Steel tubing offers significantly increased heat transfer Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Manufacturers in india Features: »The heat exchanger is completed of concentric inside also exterior pipe and the Heat exchangers are used to transfer the energy from one substance to another.

  • China Customized Industrial Stainless Steel Plate Heat

    We're professional industrial stainless steel plate heat exchanger manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing customized service. We warmly welcome you to wholesale bulk high quality industrial stainless steel plate heat exchanger at competitive

  • Plate heat exchanger, Plate heat exchanger unit - All

    A plate heat exchanger transfers the heat stored by one fluid to another fluid without mixing them. Applications Plate heat exchangers are used in many industrial processes to heat or cool a fluid. Technologies This device consists of many stacked plates ...

  • Stainless Steel Shell Tube Exchanger

    Shell & Tube heat exchangers constructed from 304 and 316 Stainless Steel are corrosion resistant and can be built to meet various industrial, pharmaceutical, food, dairy, and beverage requirements. Other material and alloys including (Hastelloy, AL-6XN ...

  • Industrial Heat Exchangers - Modine Manufacturing

    Our industrial heat exchangers & coolers are designed to work in even the most hostile conditions, whether at high temperatures, high pressures, or where the environment is highly corrosive. Our cooler tubes can be produced in materials such as titanium or stainless steel as well as copper and copper alloys, to best suit the environment.

  • Brazed Plate Double Wall Heat Exchangers - Grainger

    Get a dependable heat exchanger from Grainger for your next HVAC project. Choose from brazed plate, shell and tube, double wall brazed plate and plate and frame types. Youll find heat exchangers that transfer heat water to water, oil to water and R22 to water.

  • Heat Exchangers - The Heat Transfer Specialists

    UK Exchangers Ltd specialise in the selection and manufacture of a wide range of heat exchangers for industrial, food, dairy, hygienic, refrigeration, HVAC and marine applications. Air Plate Tube Water Reset Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Stainless Steel ...

  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers - Thermex

    Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers are required when the operating environment or fluids do not allow for standard heat exchanger materials to be used such as food processing and pharmaceutical production. Due to the specialist nature of the product, Thermex ...

  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Stainless Steel Kelvion

    Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Stainless Steel - GVH Series: VacInox, for highest requirements for potable water applications & industrial processes. VacInox, the solution for highest requirements for potable water applications and industrial processes. VacInox is ...

  • Heat Exchangers Good Land Industrial LLC

    Industrial heat exchangers are used in a variety of facilities to transfer heat from one medium to another. If you need a durable, reliable heat exchanger to help your factory or warehouse processes go smoothly, we've got you covered. The heat exchangers sold by ...

  • Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Manufacturers

    United Heat Exchangers is one of the largest Heat Exchanger Manufacturer in INDIA. This company is established in the year of 1989. Our range of products includes Air Cooled Heat Exchanger, Shell Tube Heat Exchanger, Finned Tube Heat Exchanger, Plate Type ...

  • Industrial Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

    Contact Process Power for your plate heat exchangers and heat exchanger repair and service needs. Leader in sales and service of Industrial Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers We sell Tranter, Inc. Industrial Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers, Welded Heat Exchangers and Immersion coils. ...

  • Heat Exchangers - Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchangers

    Manufacturer of Heat Exchangers - Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchangers, Plate Gasket Type Plate Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat Exchanger PHE and INDUSTRIAL PLATE TYPE HEAT EXCHANGER offered by Alfa Gea Phe Engineering & Services, New Delhi

  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers SINGLE WALL DOUBLE

    Brazed plate heat exchangers consist of stainless steel plate packs, which have embossed chevron patterns. The plates are turned 180 to each other, causing the plate ridges to intersect, and creating a lattice of intersecting

  • Heat Exchangers Plate & Frame APV, Alpha Laval

    Heat Exchangers Buy Plate & Frame, APV, Alpha Laval, Stainless Plates River City Industrial 5700 Tennessee Avenue Chattanooga, TN 37409 423 821-4712 Sales

  • Industrial Heat Exchangers Enerquip

    Enerquip fabricates shell and tube heat exchangers from a wide variety of corrosion resistant stainless steel alloys, from common 304L and 316L to duplex stainless steels like 2205, 2507 and Zeron 100. We also work with higher alloys like Hastelloy, Alloy 20