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    and ASME for heat exchanger and pressure vessels. The end result is that MECS Acid Coolers deliver the highest quality and reliability in critical acid plant processes. Every MECS Acid Cooler is custom designed and built to each customers specific In a

  • Hydrogen Piping Experience in Chevron Refining

    Overall Perspectives 3 Few problems with hydrogen piping operating at ambient to at least 800F and pressures up to at least 3000psia as long as we stay within well-defined limits zH2S contamination presents many more problems, beyond the scope of this talk zWe will

  • Design Procedure for a Heat Exchanger on the AspenPlus Software

    Design Procedure for a Heat Exchanger on the AspenPlus Software (no phase change) author: Jim Lang (©SDSM&T, 2000) This manual will show the steps necessary to create and design a heat exchanger unit on AspenPlus. The manual also includes tips and

  • New Control Structure for Feed-Effluent Heat

    The nonlinear behavior of the heat-integrated plug-flow reactor, consisting of a feed-effluent heat exchanger (FEHE), furnace, adiabatic tubular reactor, and steam generator is studied ...

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    China Heat Exchanger catalog of Tower Reboiler Heat Exchanger, Filtrate Cooler Heat Exchanger-Heat Exchanger provided by China manufacturer - Jiangsu Junye Process Equipment Co., Ltd., page2. Heat Exchanger, Pressure Vessel, Tank manufacturer / supplier ...

  • How to Clean a Boat Engine Heat Exhanger using Sea

    16/5/2014· This video shows a simple pickling method for preventive maintenance of engine raw water systems. Cleaning oil coolers, heat exchangers, exhaust manifolds and mufflers of

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    Heat Exchanger, Pressure Vessel, Tank manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Stainless Steel Boiler Air Heater (JJPEC), Heat Exchange Machine Used in Petrochemical Field, Reducer Equipment in Chemical Field and so on. Junye Process Equipment Co., Ltd ...


    RISK-BASED DESIGN MARGIN SELECTION FOR HEAT EXCHANGERS R.L. Shilling1, M.P. Rudy, and T.M. Rudy2 1 Heat Transfer Research, Inc. 150 Venture Drive College Station, Texas USA 77845 [email protected] 2 ToMaRu Consulting 8336 Stable Gate Road

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    Fouling Factors for a variety of typical thermal applications. Conditions cooling water < 50 C cooled fluid < 120 C cooling water > 50 C cooled fluid > 120 C Water velocity v < 1 m/s v > 1 m/s

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    14/7/2015· #4 Beralon Demonstration (Descaling a Marine Heat Exchanger) Video Palette Loading... Unsubscribe from Video Palette? Cancel Unsubscribe Working... Subscribe Subscribed ...


    FAILURE ANALYSIS Failure Analysis of Heat Exchanger Page: 4 CASE 1. Failure of 2nd Stage Reactor Effluent Cooler (E741) in Cracker Plant due to Acidic attack CASE 2. Failure of Rotary Air Inlet Heater (EC5701BX) Tubes in PVC Plant due to Corrosion

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    Heat Exchanger, Reactor, Pressure Vessel manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Acid Effluent Cooler Heat Exchanger, Stainless Steel Boiler Air Heater (JJPEC), Heat Exchange Machine Used in Petrochemical Field and so on. 1. Description of products and

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    Acid resistant heat exchangers are required to handle hot corrosive acids like sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and hydrochloric acid (HCl). By nature of their function these acid resistant heat exchangers are exposed to the hottest and most corrosive acids within a process.hottest and most corrosive acids within a process.

  • Design of Heat Exchangers for Cooling Low Temperature Flue Gas

    Table 2 - Heat Exchanger Geometry used in Sulfuric acid condensation tests 30 Table 3 - Rate of acid condensation per unit area at selected points of heat exchanger for all the three test cases when flue gas flow rate is 6.3 x 10 6 lbm/hr & inlet mole fraction of

  • Heat exchanger Citric Acid - YouTube

    15/11/2013· Treating a 3GM30 Yanmar heat exchanger with citric acid How Sea Flush and Barnacle Buster Can Clean Heat Exhangers, Oil Coolers, and Exhaust Components - Duration: 3:03. Sea Flush 612,625 views


    The reactor effluent is used to supply heat to approximately 1/3 of the column bottoms in the process-process exchanger. The design of this process reboiler supported by rigorous ASPEN simulations consists of 250 1.5" tubes 16 feet long encased by a 32" diameter shell for a total surface area for heat transfer of 1570 ft 2 .


    Plate Heat Exchanger(Plate Acid Cooler) All Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger All-welded Heat Exchangers Plate Heat Exchanger Units Contact Reasonable Price We are aware of that, Standing honest price against inflated price is the vital factor for any of

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    25/2/2016· Chemical cleaning for the condenser of chillers is required in case of hard scales on the heat exchanger tubes. Usually chiller are opened annualy and cleaned by rotating brush. howeverif hard ...

  • Spiral heat exchanger in desalter service solves fouling issues

    is a heat recovery service; so maximiz-ing the efficiency of this heat exchanger is important. The second heat exchanger is a trim cooler and is designed to pro-tect the wastewater treatment plant from excessively hot effluent. Unfortunately, due to severe fouling

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    This heat must be removed before the acid is returned to the tower. The function of the acid cooler is remove this heat from the acid stream and to reject it to the environment or recover the heat as useful energy. In early acid plant designs this energy was ...

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    Sulfuric Acid Coolers APEX is rapidly becoming a major designer and manufacturer of high efficient Anodically Protected Shell and Tube Acid Coolers. Our team consists of specialized personnel in project management, thermal-design engineering, and sales engineering combined with many years of heat transfer experience.


    MITIGATE HEAT EXCHANGER BIO-FOULING WITH IODINE VAPOR INFUSION. THE RESULTS OF A TWO YEAR NAVY STUDY I 2 Air Fluid Innovation, Inc 19th International Congress of Marine Corrosion and Fouling Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne

  • Heat Exchanger Fouling in Phosphoric Acid Evaporators -

    HEAT EXCHANGER FOULING IN PHOSPHORIC ACID EVAPORATORS -EVALUATION OF FIELD DATA - R. M. Behbahani1, H. Müller-Steinhagen2, M. Jamialahmadi3 1Department of Chemical & Process Engineering, University of Surrey, Guildford, England e

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    The BFW heater is placed in parallel with the Absorber Acid Cooler with the acid on the shellside as in all acid coolers. ... The desuperheater is simply a heat exchanger - shell and tube, U-tube, etc. - with the BFW on the tube side and superheated steam on ...

  • Plate and Spiral Heat Exchangers for Wet Phosphoric Acid

    Plate and Spiral Heat Exchangers for Wet Phosphoric Acid Production Processes 5 phosphoric acid. Graphite plate heat exchangers are the perspective kind of compact heat exchanger that may be used in wet phosphoric acid production process. Alfa-Laval and

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    2/4/2017· This how to video describes the process I used to clean my heat exchanger on my sailboat using Barnacle Buster. How to maintain a yacht/sail boat engine cooling system, including replacing the raw ...

  • How To Clean Out Scale From A Heat Exchanger

    How Do I Know If Cleaning The Heat Exchanger Is Necessary? Heat exchangers allow heat to flow through a material, generally a copper tube or stainless steel plate, from the hot side to the cool side. Scale or any other material that accumulates on the heat