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    EvoHeat Heat Pump Ranges Take a closer look at EvoHeats innovative and industry-leading pool heat pump ranges: EvoHeat Fusion Series Heat Pumps EvoHeat Fusion Series are the perfect solution for recreational pool & spa owners seeking pool heating

  • Heat Pumps AstralPool Pool & Spa Solutions

    Heat Pumps are designed to heat your pool in a cost effective way without using gas. Energy Efficient Heating Heating your swimming pool is the best way to enjoy the swimming season all year round. But you may not have access to Natural Gas to heat your pool.

  • EnergyLine Pro Inverter Hayward Pool Australia

    Save on running costs compared to a traditional on/off heat pump through unique DC Inverter Technology that adjusts its power and electricity consumption based on the needs of the pool. Super quiet performance system operating at low decibels this heat

  • Heat pumps China Palm Energy heat pumps heater

    Heating Cooling heat pump available for 11KW,14KW,17KW,20KW,23KW A.Heat pump with Heating, cooling and domestic hot water function in one solution. B.

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    29/8/2019· Hi no the 17kW heater doesn't acutally use 17kW electricity, that's the heat ouput rating because it's a heat pump it pumps the ambient heat into the pool. It will use more like 2-5kW/hr it depends on what the weather is outside look at the specs.

  • ITS 17kW Pool Heat Pump - Sustainable.co.za

    Heat water to your preferred temperature all year round - ITS Heat pumps heat your pool in all weather conditions providing you with hot pool/ Jacuzzi water throughout the year. Latest technology with easy to control LED display controller - Each heat pump comes with a digital system controller which intelligently controls the heat pump to ensure the highest possible efficiency.

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    Description Pool Heat Pump 17KW Pool Heat Pump 17KW A heat pump is a device that transfers heat energy from a source of heat to a destination called a heat sink.Heat pumps are designed to move thermal energy in the opposite direction of spontaneous heat transfer by absorbing heat from a cold space and releasing it to a warmer one.

  • Swimmax Inverboost 17kw Pool Heat Pump eBay

    You can run your Swimmax Pool Heat Pump 24/7 quietly and economically in the cold and without the sun! They will work in temperatures from -15 degrees c to + 43 degrees c.This Swimmax Pool Heat Pump is also quiet at 42 DB(a).

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    Pool Heating Solar Heating, Gas Heating and Electric Heat Pumps are all methods used to heat pools. For $6000 - $8,000 an average pool can be heated and provide swimming for at least six months of the year. If you have an area on a roof with aspects to North ...

  • Swimming Pool Air Heat Pro 17kw & 21kw Heat Pumps

    Electric pool heaters availble from UKPoolStore. We have a range of swimming pool heating including electric pool heaters including the Air Heat Pro 17kw & 21kw Heat Pumps Air Heat Pro T17 - T21 Heat Pumps - 13 amp The Air Heat Pro Swimming Pool Heat ...

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    Heat Pumps work by moving heat from one place to another using energy to perform this task. They are used for heating indoor buildings, but they also have outdoors applications such as warming up Swimming Pools. If you are interested in our Water and Ground ...

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    ITS - Pool Heat Pump Brochure ITS - Pool Heating Basics Jan 2013 ITS - Pool HP Specifications ITS - Swimming pool product manual ITS - Warranty Policy Heat Pump Pool Units - new ITS - Heat Pump Brochure ITS - How does a heat pump work ...

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    About , ground source heat pump prices,Easy installation Swimming pool heat pump 17kw,ground source heat pump prices,News, Get info! This is our 17kw swimming pool heat pump model. We have both single phase and three phase for it. Sheet mental with

  • Hydro-Pro Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pumps 5 - 24kw

    Hydro-Pro Inverter Horizontal Pool Heat Pumps The Hydro-Pro Inverter heat pump offers the ability to vary the heating capacity to suit weather conditions. Using the new automated modes, the compressor and fan speeds can be varied to reduce noise levels

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    Pool heat pumps and pool heaters are the best way to lengthen your swimming season or even swim all year round. Sign up for our email newsletter for latest deals and offers and receive $5 OFF your next purchase over $100. See more...

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    Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Your heat pump specialist in Surrey At PoolHeatPumps.co.uk, we have a wide range of the best selling pool heat pumps available at the lowest prices. Select your heat pump and GET A QUOTE now to see if you are eligible for FREE INSTALLATION as well. ...

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    The ability to adjust the output of the heat pump allows the Thermotec Inverter to deliver greatly reduced running costs with COPs of up to 13. This means that for every 1kw of electricity used by the heat pump, 13kw of heat is delivered to the pool. This delivers

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    Pool Land Inverter Heat Pump Available in 13kw, 17kW and 21kw models 10 times Quieter than standard heat pump Soft starter for energy efficient start up Quicker heating than standard heat pumps Up to 300% more en

  • FAIRLAND - Original Full-inverter pool heat pump, the

    History Established in 1999, Fairland has been focusing on heat pump manufacturing for 20 years. From only 8 staff in the foundation to 300 employees today, we are united in our unwavering belief that the booming of the swimming pool heating industry relies on our ...

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    Anywhere where heat is being generated using either wood, coal, gas or electricity the installation of a heat pump will result in a drastic saving. On existing electrical boilers a heat pump will not only drastically reduce the power consumption but also drastically

  • Solar Heating Heat Pumps South Africa's leading supplier

    Anywhere where heat is being generated using either wood, coal, gas or electricity the installation of a heat pump will result in a drastic saving. On existing electrical boilers a heat pump will not only drastically reduce the power consumption but also drastically

  • UltraTemp High Performance Pool Heat Pump Pentair

    Heat your pool with an environmentally friendly pool and spa heat pump. Pentairs UltraTemp pool and spa heat pump uses an ozone-friendly refrigerant and has a 100% pure titanium heat exchanger that assures corrosion-free performance for extra-long life. ...

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    ITS 17KW Pool Heat Pump From R35 700.00 at 1 Shops Write a Review Heating systems for your pool or Jacuzzis.ITS pool heating heat pumps are designed to make you get them most enjoyment from your pool. With pool temperatures programmable up to ...

  • Thermotec Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump Overview

    13/10/2018· Overview of the new Thermotec Inverter range of swimming pool heat pumps from HeatPumps4Pools.com.

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    Our Swimming pool heat pumps is a well know brand amongst the majority of pool owners in South Africa. These heat pumps are pretty durable and comes with a 2 year manufacturing defects warranty, Pool It heat pumps can be used to heat up your swimming

  • Top Discharge Inverter Heat Pump AstralPool

    Summer pool fun, all year round In some regions of Australia natural gas heating is unavailable or uneconomical to run. This doesn't mean you have to miss out on having a heated pool to gain a longer swimming season. The AstralPool Heat Pump has been ...

  • HeatSeeker HSE170 Heat Pump (17kw) - Pool Heat Pumps

    Description HeatSeeker HSE170 Swimming Pool Heat Pump 17 kw output (at 15 degrees air temperature) For pools up to 65 cubic metres ie.11m x 5.5m (or 9m x 4.5m with deep end) Noise level 60 dB Operates best in air temperature above 15 degrees